OUR UNIQUE PROGRAM offers aspiring, practicing and experienced writers a sustained community in which to create, network and live the writing life. The program offers workshops in fiction, poetry and creative nonfiction (memoir, travel writing, and the lyric essay). Make lifelong connections while enjoying master classes with renowned authors, meeting with agents and attending and participating in panels. Specialized intensives such as novel writing and preparing the MFA application portfolio will also be offered.


Immerse yourself in the rich Bay Area literary scene. The City by the Bay has been home to and inspired a range of remarkable writers, from Chandler to Eggers to Ferlinghetti to Ginsberg to Kerouac to Thompson to Tan. Classes meet Monday through Thursday morning, leaving afternoons, evenings, and weekends free for writing, reading, and discovering why that thread of water tying the bay to the ocean is called the Golden Gate.


Live the writing life-May 28- July 3.

Meet editors. Talk to agents. 

                   Prepare MFA portfolios.

[THE summer creative writing program]

University of California
112 Wheeler Hall #2500
Berkeley, CA 94720-2500
(510) 642-5570
scwp (AT) thescwp.com